Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal

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INCI Name: Activated Carbon Powder

What is it: Activated charcoal is a form of charcoal that’s been treated to have an incredibly high amount of surface area. It can be made from various types of ash, including bamboo and hardwood. Activated Charcoal consists of high density skeleton carbon structures which absorb contaminants and toxins and purify. Activated charcoal is used for stomach issues, to clear toxins from the body, and in cosmetics such as masks and scrubs.

Activated Charcoal is a natural material rich in carbon whereby the pores of the charred material have been opened through a steam activation process, increasing the carbon's surface area. Activated carbon is characterized by its high porosity and adsorptive capabilities. Through adsorption, activated carbon can effectively remove a range of contaminants and impurities from liquid and air streams. Fine black powder.

Usage rate: 1%

Uses: Used in water treatment: wastewater, municipal water, flocculation, Industrial: dye colour removal, Use in cosmetics and skincare, Used in teeth whitening and toothpaste

Benefits: An amazing ingredient for skincare - activated charcoal powder can aid in achieving clearer skin by absorbing and extracting excess oils and toxins, which is one of the main causes of acne. It is said that activated charcoal works like a magnet. Can act as a relief remedy for skin conditions, such as calming insect bites, minor cuts or little skin irritations. Detoxifies by extracting impurities without stripping the skin, leaving it moisturised. Not only does it extract toxins from the skin, but when ingested it can also absorb toxins inside the stomach - it is especially useful for poison extraction.

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, with no direct sunlight. Store in a dry container in a dry cupboard.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Activated charcoal is generally considered safe, but it may cause unpleasant symptoms or side effects in some people. It may also interfere with some medications. Consult your healthcare adviser if pregnant or breastfeeding before use.

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