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Cracked Heel Cream

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🍃 Cracked Heel Cream 🍃 

Fall in love with this cracked heel cream. Beyond appearance, cracked heels can be uncomfortable. Our feet have to be our foundation, and yet we often don't take time to care for them properly. Then we end up with cracked heels, which can be very painful and sometimes bleeding.

This cracked heel cream is made with all natural ingredients that not only make your heels smooth but heals from inside out.

What this cracked heel cream do:

🌿Natural antibacterial and antifungal oils that moisturizes.
🌿natural foot deodorant
🌿Packed with Vitamin E, A and K
🌿Kills bacteria which is the most common causes of cracked heels
🌿Power of moisturizing and seals moisture

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